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It's time to think about sunblock and protection from mosquitos and other flying-crawling things. Need something all natural, that smells divine, easy to use, and that your kids will love? Here it is....

Bug Off Spray

Weighing in at 2oz or 4oz this little wonder if the perfect go-to. Small enough to fit in any purse and packs a big mosquito-fighting punch

Friends brought our Bug Off Essential Oil Blend to Africa last year, and they didn't get even one bite! This stuff really works! And it's all natural, DEET-free protection. The best part, it has a pleasant lemon vanilla scent!

Spray it on and go! Safe for babies and face! Be sure to close your eyes and mouth when you spray your face.

Safe enough for the most sensitive skin. Non comedogenic, toxin-free bliss, baby. Get yourself some.

Spray Contains:
Organic Bug Off Essential Oil Blend in Organic Meadowfoam Oil

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