"Feed Your Face" Kit for Teens

Robbins' Essentials

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Feed Your Face Daily Treatment Kit for Teens (Guys & Gals). If you struggle with acne or hormonal skin issues, this is the skin care routine for you. This kit includes an appetizer, salad, main course, and dessert. Feed your skin with this kit and see drastic improvements in the first two weeks of daily use. 

Appetizer -
Cleanse (2x daily) with Lemon Deep Cleanser, 120mL

lavender hydrosol, castile soap, xantham gum, grape seed oil, lemongrass essential oil, lime essential oil, neodefend. 

Salad -
Tone (2x daily) with Rosemary Melaleuca Toner, 120mL

cucumber hydrosol, witch hazel, aloe vera, rosemary essential oil, melaleuca a. essential oil, neodefend. 

Main Course -
Treat (1x daily) with Clear Skin Roller Ball, 10ml

aloe vera, witch hazel, melaleuca essential oil, eucalyptus radiata essential oil. 

Dessert -
Hydrate (2x daily) with Advanced Neutriceutical Face Lotion, 30mL

distilled water, grape seed oil, shea butter, emulsifying wax, green tea extract, revestrol, hyaluronic acid, rosewood essential oil, neodefend. 

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