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For sensitive, normal to dry, and combination skin. This gentle, lightly aromatic face wash is formulated to pamper dry or combination skin types, and is also perfect for mature and less supple skin. Cleanse your skin with the synergy of these luxurious natural ingredients, well known for their moisturizing properties. Our face wash will leave your skin silky-smooth, and it also makes a fabulous body wash for the shower. With organic castile soap, organic aloe vera, organic jojoba oil, organic rose hydrosol, xantham gum, organic vegetable glycerine, organic calendula extrac, neodefend 

Castile soap is made from oils and water. It is a very simply made soap made up of water, coconut & olive oils, hemp oil, jojoba oil, citric acid, vitamin E. It has a nice suds to it and thoroughly cleans.

Aloe Vera Gel stimulates cell renewal up to 6-8 times faster than normal cell production. This basically means, it is incredibly healing. There is a compound in aloe that cleanses and heals the skin quite remarkably. Studies have shown that this compound has the ability to reorganize the epidermal cells by tightening them and helping our skin retain more water.

Rose Hydrosol is a wonderful toner for all skin types. This is an aphrodisiac with embedded roots dating back thousands of years.

Jojoba Oil is highly penetrating and closely resembles the natural sebum within our skin. Jojoba helps remove excess oils and helps balance the skin's natural oil. Jojoba contains a natural anti-inflammatory called myristic acid and is useful in formulations for arthritis and rheumatism.

Calendula Extract is gentle, cooling, and soothing. Calendula oil is the most successful oil for assisting with dry and damaged skin, skin inflammations, rashes, diaper irritations, and other skin disorders. Makes a wonderful baby’s oil and is exceptional for those with sensitive skin. Contains: Certified organic Calendula flowers (Calendula officinalis), infused in certified organic Olive Oil and a pinch of Vitamin E oil.

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